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Chef Ella Freyinger, Inc. provides food that is healthy and nutritious, creative and delicious, with offerings to sustain and inspire your guests. We are committed to using seasonal and locally- sourced ingredients, working hand-in-hand with regional farms, to create innovative, yet simple, customized menus. We believe in real food with whole ingredients, letting those ingredients take center stage on our plates. “I have a passion to get as close to the beginning as possible,” says owner Ella Freyinger. “Knowing food was grown, raised, and picked with integrity, and to then take that food from the ground to the plate is a great joy for us.” 

Operating under this philosophy, our catering team has been privileged to create menus for weddings, corporate events, intimate gatherings, and private clients with special dietary needs. Whether you’re arranging an elegant dinner for ten or passed hors d'oeuvres for 600, our team is committed to bringing the same amount of love to every plate.